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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Language: A Problem of Astrology

The Planets
One problem with Astrology is the problem of language.

Astrologers speak the language of Astrology and it is coded in terms of psychology and Astrology. Obviously, this leaves the non-Astrology person feeling left out.

Another part of the problem is that most people are not familiar with their own conscious behavior, or their inner life. Most have little knowledge of their own inner being.

This has typecast Astrology in a negative way.  It is superstition to most people, because they cannot relate its unfamiliar language and symbolism concretely to any inner experience.

The more people know about themselves, the easier it is for them to relate to the symbolism and the unique language of Astrology.

Astrology then becomes almost like poetry, or a score of music, that beautifully describes what we are feeling.  When a client can feel Astrology, it gives a personal touch and credibility to Astrology.

Astrologers should always relate to what a client is feeling, before they assume what a horoscope is telling them about the client. This takes the 'fortune teller' stigma out of the equation and they can begin a conversation in earnest.

To be effective when doing an Astrology reading, an Astrologer should always make a chart, or charts, secondary to the actual interaction between Astrologer and client.

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