Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Astrology Mirrors Our Inner Nature

Peace and Tranquility

Astrology stands outside the reality of our inner nature.

Astrology mirrors our inner nature, but never becomes it.

Astrology has no control over the events unfolding in our life, only we do.

To give Astrology power over the events in our lives would be to become its prisoner, or its slave.

Many never get beyond their dependency on Astrology to discover their own inner reality of consciousness.

Astrology is only one of many metaphysical tools.  It is important that we not identify with Astrology, but merely transcend it as far as our growth in consciousness is concerned.

Astrology is very helpful for understanding the events in our lives, but we need to know and understand our self first. We need to identify with our living consciousness and experience it within through meditation.

Astrology guarantees nothing, but it can reveal many things that happened in our lives in the past, the present, and within the future years to come.

Astrology cannot make us spiritual, but it can lead to our growth in awareness.

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