Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Friday, September 12, 2014

Astrology as a Tool vs. Foolishness

Astrology as a Tool

It is foolish to rely concretely on Astrology, or any other metaphysical tool.  They should only be used for guidance, or tools, with their purpose being to reveal our lives to us, not to decide the choices we should make.

A tool is something to work with, not to be an answer to our searching.

A tool helps us work with the many puzzle pieces of our life, but the tool is not our life.

We cannot take charge of our lives, if we are handing over the responsibility for it to others in any form.

The discovery of our truth is ours alone ... no one can discover it for us and no tool will make it happen.

I believe in being realistic about Astrology and while I know it is a great tool, I also realize that many feel it is a pillar of strength that they can plan their entire life with. I feel this is foolish.

Astrology simply shows us the territory to be crossed and discovered within us.

We have to live our lives no matter what Astrology says and learn from living our experiences within consciousness, not from what a horoscope, or an Astrologer, says.

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