Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Astrology: More than Symbols

Astrology: More Than Symbols

Astrology is more than symbols, math, and geometry.

The horoscope is a living diagram of conscious energy as it evolves within time and space. It not only applies to a person, but to nations and objects, as well.

I will at times comment on traditional Astrology and its symbolism.  But for now, I am commenting on Astrology so anyone can understand and get a feel for what we do in our work as Astrologers.

Real Astrology is for most, too technical and difficult to understand. Feelings need to be added to it so a person can find a way to relate to a horoscope and Astrology.

It is not productive to our spiritual growth to become too absorbed in, or too dependent on, all of the complexities of Astrology.

It is far more productive to be in touch with our feelings through introspection, or spiritual meditation.

Astrology can be obsessive and addictive for some, and this is not good. This means that the mind is involved and the heart (our feelings) are ignored.

Astrology should lead us into our heart and be left at the door of our mind. We can visit it often, but we should never let it dominate us through curiosity of the mind.

The goal of Astrology is always self-discovery and inner healing, however, the healing does not come through the chart, or through its interpretation.  Healing comes only when we touch our inner core and feel it within.

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