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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ego-Driven Astrologers

Signs of the Zodiac

I am  not a fan of Astrologers who promote themselves shamelessly as "know-it-all stars".

Many are just over-hyping Astrology to fulfill their own aims and agendas -- and wallets.

What they actually reveal is a lukewarm version of Astrology, which is coated by a large dose of their own ego-driven personality.

A good Astrologer promotes the wisdom that is Astrology, not themselves.

I know all Astrologers and healers would love to be more prosperous in what they do, but making money should never be the main purpose for serving others.

If making money is the only reason why some practice Astrology, they will derive very little satisfaction from it.  Satisfaction can only come from touching the heart of another and helping them to explore and understand their life.

Do not misunderstand.  I do not believe in giving Astrology away for nothing, but money should be secondary to helping others understand their life.

An astrologer is successful when they can feel they made a connection with their client and when the client walks away with a clearer understanding of their life situation.

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