Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Monday, September 1, 2014

Real Astrology is a Tool

The Natal Birth Chart

Astrology is a tool, nothing more.

It is a great tool for observing and analyzing the many moments of our lives, whether past, present, or well into the future.

Astrology provides a solid framework from which we can see the oneness of all things in time and space -- and how our mind experiences them.

The limitations of Astrology are due to its complexity and the lack of understanding surrounding its so-called ability to predict and forecast anyone's future.

Synthesis is essential in Astrology. Every sign, house, planet, and degree mean something important that can alter our perceptions of self, others, and of life in general.

Still, Astrology is an excellent tool to use along with meditation to open us up to the intuitive understanding of life as a whole.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss Astrology within awareness and to go beyond the basics of charts, signs, symbols and houses. Critical at times, I hope it will always be inspirational, with many new insights and explanations to explore.

For the reader, your input, or comments, are always welcome. I do not profess to know everything about Astrology -- no one does; however, I do know a lot after 25 years of working with it personally for myself and professionally for many others.

I see the main benefit of Astrology as an invaluable tool to discover ourselves and to understand the many different talents, gifts, and abilities we all possess.  Astrology embraces that uniqueness and it is accepting of us all.

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