Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Astrology of Feeling

Peace and Tranquility

To read a horoscope accurately, we must feel it within us.

It is not enough to memorize the terms and symbols and then describe what they mean.  We must feel them. They must become part of us in our understanding and knowing.

A horoscope is very intimidating and puzzling to look at for the first time. It is complex and, at first glance, our mind's relationship with it shows us many separate, but inter-related parts -- all of them seem confusing, until we can feel the horoscope within us.

Over time, we begin to feel the symbolism as aspects of conscious knowing.

As we learn, and with much practice, we discover we can feel a Leo, or a Cancer's, energy as time goes forward.

Water becomes more than a word.  It comes to life within our consciousness and we know it as an element of conscious creation.

A horoscope must come alive to be understood and read accurately. Otherwise, we only see bits and pieces of someone, not the total person.

It is the responsibility of the Astrologer to see the whole person and their situation to accurately assist them in knowing and understanding self.

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