Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Friday, October 10, 2014

Writing When it Feels Right

When it Feels Right
I write about Astrology when I feel I have something to say.  There may be days, or even weeks, when nothing is posted.

I am not a "nuts and bolts" Astrologer, even though I do study it every day in some way. I also spend a lot of time looking at charts to prepare for scheduled readings.

I am not into making suggestive predictions, or overindulging in the basics of Astrology.

I feel most of the people who read this blog are somewhat knowledgeable concerning Astrology and they are looking for something more.

The reality of Astrology is that it does have limitations -- often, we are Astrology's limitations ...

Seeing all of the influences at work in a chart can be daunting and rarely are things out of balance in favor of positive, or negative, experiences.

Life is a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant experiences that tilt one way or another, depending upon the transits, or progressions, working in a particular chart.

Once again, for those who are interested in this blog, I will post when it feels right.  We will most likely cover a wide range of topics involving Astrology.

Certainly, I welcome any comments and I will respond as needed.

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