Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Friday, February 27, 2015

The True Gift of Astrology

The Discovery of our Freedom
What if you could examine the next hour, the next day, or the year before you?

What if you could find understanding about a past hurt, failure, or a difficult experience?

These are questions we all ask about our life, from time to time.

People think Astrology is only for predicting, not the day to day unfolding of our life events.

Yes, we do have tools to forecast future trends, or past experiences, but the True Gift of Astrology is that it allows us to see and understand our life, as it is unfolding right before us every day.

We can see if we are following our true purpose, or whether we are to learn a lesson along the way to discover what our true purpose is.

Every four minutes, the earth rotates one degree of the Zodiac. Planets and the major angles aspect them.  Events happen to us daily and most people never anticipate them.

New Moons arrive every month and they usher in a new focus of experience for that particular period in our life, but most people do not see this happening.

Eclipses arrive, along with comets, and they throw things up in the air as the universe juggles things for us.

Daily, the plan of our life unfolds right before us, but most people refuse to ignore the True Gift of Astrology.  They seem content to trust others to plot their future for them.

The True Gift of Astrology is the discovery of our freedom to work with existence to uncover our individuality. No longer do we have to be clones, or followers, of others.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Astrology: What We Offer: References

Robert Cosmar - Author and Astrologer

by Robert Cosmar, Astrologer

I have thirty-one years of professional experience serving others and helping them to understand the times and events in their lives through astrology.


Natal Astrology – This quite simply is understanding our life from the moment of birth.

The moment we are born, a life is set in motion and the events of that life are mirrored in the planets.

Everything begins with the natal birth chart and our fortune, or misfortune, is hidden within it.  Success or failure, health, love, the timing of everything is mirrored within this chart of our life.   

A seasoned astrologer can unlock a birth chart and show how everything that happens in our life proceeds from it.

Relationship Astrology – Our interactions with others are mirrored in the composite, or synastry, charts of our relationships. How we interact and are received by someone else is hidden within these charts. The strength and loyalty of love, as well as deception and problems areas, can all be discovered within a relationship chart.

Electional Astrology – Timing is everything!  The moment we decide to do something, be it a business decision, planning a marriage, or buying or selling something of value, the life of that choice is mirrored in the planets and the stars.

A natal birth chart can be accessed to discover the most opportune time for a positive outcome.

Relocation Astrology – Where we choose to live, or vacation, is vitally important. Our natal birth chart is influenced by where we decide to live, vacation, relocate, or merely visit. The experiences we have in one location can differ dramatically from those we might have in other places around the globe.

We can remain a victim of poor choices, or we can choose to alter the experiences of our lives by consulting with a Relocation Astrologer.

The Stars, Planets, and the Zodiac

Astrological Reports:

The are several different types of reports which cover a wide range of Astrology techniques:

Relocation (Astrocartography)
Transit Reports
Natal Reports
Composite Chart Reports
Relationship (Synastry) Reports
Midpoint Reports
There are also reports on children

For those who are interested, I recommend seeing actual samples of our reports.  We have made over forty professional reports available to you. These online reports are samples and for viewing only.

To view sample reports, click on the following link Knowing Whispers Astrology Reports. They can all be viewed online, or downloaded to your computer for viewing later. (Remember, these are only samples, not your own personal customized report).

If you decide to have one, or several, of these reports done, first make your purchase.  I will then need to have your date of birth, the exact time (if possible), and the location of your birth.  This you can either send via an eMail, or by a phone call.

After your payment and birth data is received, I will create a report specifically designed for you, or to add another person, such as for a Composite or Relationship Report, I will then also need their birth date, exact time, and place of their birth.

Prices range from $5 per report to a high of $30. The price fluctuation is based on overall size (as you will see in the samples, some reports are only one page long, others 50 pages or more) and the comprehensive detail of the specific report(s) chosen.

"Through text and a series of audio/videos, Robert Cosmar provided me with the most comprehensive, accurate and enlightening Astrological reading I have ever had. I truly appreciate the hours he must have spent in preparing my reading and making it so personal. 
Quality is very important to me and I really feel that his fee was well worth the services that he delivered.

I will certainly consult Robert again and I highly recommend his service to anyone who is seeking an open & honest experience with an Astrologer who has a true gift of understanding, interpreting and communicating a person's individual birth chart with a genuine sense of caring and concern for the people he serves.  
I sense that Robert's work is more than a profession for him ... it is a personal, loving mission to help others along their journey." --Joseph Randell Sherman, Portugal

"Don’t ask if you do not want hear the reality! Bob has a wonderful gift of understanding. He is my mirror, confessor, and personal advisor.

His ability to understand the universe with all of its intricacies has helped me tremendously. I would tell anyone they need Bob in their life."--Dr. J. M. Columbus, Ohio (DDS) 

"Bob, thanks again, we found all of the info fascinating"  -- C.G. of Columbus, Ohio
"I had never had an astrology chart done before. Robert Cosmar did my very first one. I really didn't know what to expect, as I passed along the birth information he requested. 
Robert and I had just started dating. I knew he didn't know very much about me, yet, which was why I was so surprised by his insightful, accurate reading of my life as shown in my natal horoscope. 
 He was very open, honest and explained every detail in a caring and respectful manner. I was very impressed with his abilities. 
Yes, I would highly recommend his services to everyone -- you will not be disappointed!"--CJ Heck, The Villages FL (Published Poet, Writer, Blogger, and Author)
"I met Bob on the internet and am surprised how intuitive he is. From just a few brief conversations, Bob was able to make accurate statements about my present life situation. In addition, he was compassionate and caring. He listens and responds appropriately while encouraging for individual growth. It was a pleasure meeting Bob!"--S.C. of Canton
"For the past 16 years Bob has been invaluable with his insights, his expertise and his accuracy. In addition to being a dear friend and confidant, Bob's spiritual gifts and intuitive insights have helped to guide points of my life in positive directions. He truly shares his gifts with love and earnest desire. 
I would highly recommend Bob's services to anyone who genuinely seeks to further understand the true nature of who they are."   --G. Alexis Page, Syracuse NY (Photographer) 

"I met Bob at a self-awareness astrology class he was teaching. When he read my chart, I was totally blown away by his accuracy of my current situation. 
Bob has helped me understand that we are all spiritual beings having a human-life experience and in order to be truly happy, we need to follow our heart's desires and not be afraid of change. 
I would recommend anyone to Bob who is looking for their true meaning in life." --D.G., Coshocton OH

We are scheduling Astrology readings for 2015.  Call 352-299-5632 for your personalized consultation today.


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grand Opening

Knowing Whispers Astrology:  (FREE ASTROLOGY REPORT- ONE DAY ONLY)

On February 25th we are celebrating 32 years of serving others with Astrology and awareness. As a way of saying thank you, we are offering a one-day opportunity to receive a free professional Astrological Report of your choice. Anyone is welcome to participate.

We have over 45 professional Astrology Reports ranging from $5 to $30.  They are nicely done with considerable information. I will include the link to the blog, so you may look at the different Reports, and download samples of them.

These Reports are not meant to replace the skills of an Astrologer in assessing the deeper meaning of a horoscope, but they are affordable, if you cannot afford a live consultation, or if I am busy with other work and at times cannot take on a greater workload.

Knowing Whispers Astrology is a support group for my clients to interact with me and others on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

To receive your free report, I will need you to do the following:

1       Join one of the Knowing Whispers Astrology groups in either LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google +
2       Give me your date of birth, exact time (if possible) and city of birth. If you choose a relationship report, I will also need the other person’s birth data.


I am dedicated to giving my clients the best service possible, by helping to illuminate the meaning in all charts that pertain to their life experiences. I am especially committed to communicating the understanding of Astrology to those with little, or no, knowledge of Astrology, through text, audio, and video.

Presently, I am creating videos on YouTube for all aspects of Astrology. If interested, please join us at the link below. I am very excited to share this knowledge and my experience with you.  It is my hope that you will gain a greater insight into Astrology, the work of an Astrologer, and the rich, full meaning Astrology can bring to your life, if you’ll only allow it.

Astrologically Yours,

Robert Cosmar

There are three ways we can schedule your personalized Astrology readings for 2015.
1.) Click the button below.

Book an appointment with Knowing Whispers Astrology using SetMore

2.) By Phone: 352-299-5632 or 352-299-5634
3.) By email:

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