Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Friday, February 27, 2015

The True Gift of Astrology

The Discovery of our Freedom
What if you could examine the next hour, the next day, or the year before you?

What if you could find understanding about a past hurt, failure, or a difficult experience?

These are questions we all ask about our life, from time to time.

People think Astrology is only for predicting, not the day to day unfolding of our life events.

Yes, we do have tools to forecast future trends, or past experiences, but the True Gift of Astrology is that it allows us to see and understand our life, as it is unfolding right before us every day.

We can see if we are following our true purpose, or whether we are to learn a lesson along the way to discover what our true purpose is.

Every four minutes, the earth rotates one degree of the Zodiac. Planets and the major angles aspect them.  Events happen to us daily and most people never anticipate them.

New Moons arrive every month and they usher in a new focus of experience for that particular period in our life, but most people do not see this happening.

Eclipses arrive, along with comets, and they throw things up in the air as the universe juggles things for us.

Daily, the plan of our life unfolds right before us, but most people refuse to ignore the True Gift of Astrology.  They seem content to trust others to plot their future for them.

The True Gift of Astrology is the discovery of our freedom to work with existence to uncover our individuality. No longer do we have to be clones, or followers, of others.

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