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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Neptune Square Saturn

On Nov 26, 2015 Neptune and Saturn will begin a square aspect that will influence us all into 2016. This aspect will challenge our concepts of reality and may release disturbing unconscious aspects in us all.

Neptune is idealism at its highest expression of spiritual love and Saturn is reality as our minds and ego's have formed it. The square causes a conflict in consciousness between our ideals and the reality we have currently created in time and space. We can become privy to irrational fears.

Our plans and the plans of nations and governments may fall apart at this time. We will have to stop and reevaluate our goals and purposes. Confusion, Despair and Uncertainty will cloud our thoughts and minds.

At the time the square is exact Neptune will be also squaring The Moon, Sun, and Mercury this insures that our minds and identities will be challenged. Saturn is open to change in Sagittarius, but unsure how to proceed, reality is not well defined now. A very challenging aspect for sure.

Saturn's close aspect by conjunction to Mercury supports our reasoning, but the square by Neptune will cloud things with a lack of confidence in our thinking. We must guard against negative thinking.

Now is not the time to act, but to be still and wait for the dissolving influences of Neptune to redefine our perception of reality and let Saturn catch up to it.

Neptune hard aspects always bring in odd or strange situations that disturb our reasoning ability and cause us to say," I can't believe this is happening."

When the next trine occurs between Saturn and Neptune the circumstances will be ripe to form a new reality based on a blending of both the influences of Saturn and Neptune. The goal of Neptune is to bring the ideal and the spiritual into form and upgrade Saturn's understanding of the nature of reality.

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1 comment:

  1. Saturn power will hopefully be the catalyst for change in Government and we will see a radical shift into a more evolved time on Earth with less lies and corruption. It has to break before it is fixed again though.