Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life's Ultimate Expression

As I look at an Astroclock of the earth's rotation and the planets positions I am aware that it is a mirror of the events of our lives at that moment. It is a perfect picture of the energy of existence, as it moves in time and space.

Not everyone will see this or agree, because the mind get tangled up in signs, planets, houses and aspects. It cannot see it all in the moment of now.

Great Astrologers are able to see it all in a moment of now. Some to a greater degree than others. Not all Astroloers are created equal, nor do they grow at the same pace. Each is where they belong at a specific time and place or event.

The beauty of tuning into existence through a chart is to share in the joy of life expression itself. Tragedy, Pain and Sorrow are balanced by Joy, Ecstasy and Blissfulness. Life is measured out equally to all and fills us with purpose and meaning.

It is the expression of the infinite as the individual.

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