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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Friends in the Heavens

I was pleased this morning to see four of our friends shining brightly in the morning sky, as I walked the dog behind our Florida home.

It was unusually bright and clear and there in the heavens shined the Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. The Moon was past full and because of the clearness of the sky, the other three stood out nicely.

My appreciation of Astrology has grown in proportion to my knowledge of Astronomy. Both go hand in hand.

It is good for Astrologers to also study Astronomy as it helps to expand our consciousness and understanding of life and the solar system.

Through Astronomy, we embrace the totality of existence. Astrology embraces the inner universe, while Astronomy is inclusive of the outer universe. It can increase our sense of completion and enhance the totality of our conscious being.

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