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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Neptune's Influence

If you have ever experienced extreme doubt, confusion, or chaos in your life, you can bet that Neptune was active in your chart.

This also applies to those times you felt extremely idealistic, hopeful, and maybe even a little delusional.

Neptune rules the state of consciousness that transcends form, a Saturn version of reality. It inspires us, but it can also cause despondency and hopelessness.

Neptune helps to break down form by causing disturbances that defy explanation outside our normal daily experiences, or our present known reality.

This can put us in touch with other realities, or make us doubt what we thought was real and permanent.

Positive transits, or progressions, of Neptune can inspire creativity and spiritual experiences.

Negative transits and progressions can cause us to doubt the very meaning of our existence.

Growth beyond the mind and thinking are keys to Neptune and dissolving our ego and mental concepts of life as we currently see it.

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