Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why People Doubt Astrology

Astrology does not appeal easily to the scientific or logical mind. It is seldom investigated deeply enough to experience the spirit or essence of it. People want reliable and consistent answers and Astrology cannot guarantee them.

While prediction or forecasting can indicate trends and potential experiences Astrology is at times very difficult to be totally accurate and astrologers can come across like used car salesman who are only looking at the positive aspects of a car and ignoring the obvious dents in its body.

Many factors come into play on any chart interpretation and it is a complex process to be truly accurate. The flavor or tone of a chart can be modified by indicators not present to the awareness of the astrologer.

As it is promoted in the media much of the truth of Astrology is distorted and incomplete. It is not all their fault because even astrologers are at times vague to explain astrology in a way that approaches logic and reasoning. Often astrologers are lumped together with psychics, buffoons and charletons who are intentionally taking advantage of people.

Like life itself Astrology is vast, unpredictable, incomplete, mysterious and confusing. It is a mystery that fascinates, but does not satisfy the mind completely. It does not give us control over the events of the past or the future, but gives a commentary on our experiences of them. It is a wonderful tool of self exploration, but nothing more.

Let me say this again, " It is a wonderful tool of self exploration, but nothing more."

It unites us with our inner feelings and the motion of existence. It can make a marriage of thought and feeling which somehow centers and satisfies our consciousness into accepting a great truth that we are intimately united with all of life and not just our individual personal experiences.

Most people doubt Astrology because they fear knowing their beliefs are limited perceptions of themselves and reality. They fear approaching the unknown and remain content with what is known to their mind, ego and beliefs.

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