Astrology: The Never Ending Story of Our Life

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pioneers of Astrology

Much like modern science early astrologers observed the relationship between events that happened to kings and nations and compared them to both planet locations and their observation point on the planet earth.

It was this investigation of the relationship between events and nations that spawned modern astrology. It was a combination of curiosity and wonder that inspired others to dig deeper into this apparent relationship of the cosmos and mankind.

Astrology and Science are both investigating the origins of things. One investigates the origins of the relationship between events and corresponding placement of the planets and the other investigates the relationship between mater and energy. One is metaphysical science and the other is physical science.

Both attempt to explain the origins of things and both will fail in that pursuit of knowledge. Our mental perceptions are finite and we can only understand existence afar. Both Astrologers and Scientists take great pride in their profession, but it would be better if sincere humility embraced them both and it became evident that neither know the truth and never will.

Truth is very much apart of our identity and how we see and understand ourselves. Our mental perceptions are limited by both our mind and ego. A stubbornness prevents us from admitting we simply don't know and never will until we escape our current limitations of consciousness.

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